About us

About Us

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Our Vision

“Your Skill Is Your Currency and Your Bargaining Power In the job Market, Learn New Skills to Increase Your Net Worth”

E-Campus Africa is a free online education platform devoted to developing individuals around the world through our online broad range of practical soft skills courses with the highest standard of intellectual and personal development, creating unlimited possibilities for everyone to study any of our courses online for free from anywhere, at any given time. We believe that education should be free and accessible to everyone. We foster an environment which allows students, without the restrictions of time and location, to take ownership and responsibility of their education by flexibility with course selection and course pacing in order to allow them to reach their desired goals.

Our mission is to train and equip the current generation by breaking all barriers by providing practical skills. Our free courses are designed from within the prevailing society needs and challenges and we are equipped with unlimited capacity to produce graduates that are able to create actual solutions to our realistic social, economic and political challenges for current and future development within the real prevailing circumstances. Our graduates therefore can be innovative, employable or be able to start their own businesses with the acquired skills after successful completion of their courses and business development.

E-Campus Africa is a catalyst for positive social change, creating opportunity, prosperity, and productivity for everyone. We aim to be one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training.