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    Body Language Basics

    Body Language Basics Skills  Body Language Basics will provide you with a great set of skills to understand that what is not said is just as important than what is said. It will also give you the ability to see and understand how your own Body Language is being seen. You will be able to adjust and improve the way you communicate through non-verbal communications. Can you tell if someone is telling the truth just by looking at them? It is a skill that a lot of people do not have. Through Body Language Basics you will be given a set of tools to use to your advantage. These tools can be utilized in the office and at home. Understanding Body Language will provide you a great advantage in your daily communications. Course Objectives:

    • Define body language.
    • Understand the benefits and purpose of interpreting body language.
    • Learn to interpret basic body language movements.
    • Recognize common mistakes when interpreting body language.
    • Understand your own body language and what you are communicating.
    • Practice your body language skills.
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    Call Center Training

    Call Center Training Phone skills are a highly valuable tool to have in an employee’s skill-set, and Call Center Training will help provide those skills. This course will help participants improve their phone skills which will make them more confident, improve sales, and help gain new customers while retaining your current cliental. A more confident employee is also one that is happier, and happier employees will produce happier customers. Call Center Training will lower costs as it can reduce turnover. Participants will learn the skills to improve productivity and performance. This will produce a positive environment throughout your company and help influence the organization as a whole. Evaluating metrics and coaching are also used to make sure the participants are reaching their potential, and to keep their skill-set at a high level. Training Objectives:

    • Define and understand call center strategies.
    • Identify different types of buying motivations.
    • Create SMART Goals.
    • Familiarize myself with strategies that sharpen effective communication.
    • Use proper phone etiquette.
    • Set benchmarks.
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    Communication Center Training

    Communication Center Training  For many people, the term Contact Center relates to sales calls and telemarketers.  There are so many avenues that a contact center can be of assistance within a company that do not pertain to sales calls.  A contact center can provide customer support, information technology support, and much more.  The key to having a great customer experience using a contact center is in the training.   A well trained contact center can be the difference between gaining more customers and losing customers.  Customers want a well-educated agent when they contact a business.  They want to know that the person answering their questions knows what they are talking about.  Training your staff, and giving them the information that is needed to effectively assist your customer base is paramount. With our “Contact Center Training” ,Participants will discover the basic elements of being an effective employee of a contact center. Course Objectives:

    • How to get management involved in training.
    • Why peer training works.
    • That manners are important with a contact center.
    • How to build rapport with the callers.
    • How to deal with difficult customers.
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    Employee Recognition

    Employee Recognition Training Recognizing employees through various recognition programs is a fantastic investment. Being appreciated is a basic human feeling and reaps great rewards. Praise and recognition are essential to an outstanding workplace and its employees. Through our Employee Recognition training, participants will recognize the value of implementing even the smallest of plans. The cost of employee recognition is very minimal in relation to the benefits that will be experienced. Employee recognition programs have been shown to increase productivity, employee loyalty, and increased safety. Course Objectives:

    • Assess the type of Employee Recognition Program(s) your company needs
    • Train leadership to recognize their employees
    • Know when and where recognition is needed
    • Construct a culture of recognition
    • Maintain an effective Employee Recognition Program
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    Empowering Sales Team

    Motivating Your Sales Team (Training) Motivating Your Sales Team will help participants create the right motivating environment that will shape and develop their sales skills with right attitude and be able to survive competition. Instilling that unique seed which grows the motivation in your team will ensure an increase in performance and productivity. Have the best sales skills you can have through better motivation. Everyone can always use some inspiration and motivation. This training will help participant’s target the unique ways and further get them motivated. Training Objectives:

    • Discuss how to create a motivational environment
    • Understand the importance of communication and training in motivating sales teams
    • Determine steps your organization can take to motivate sales team members
    • Understand the benefits of tailoring motivation to individual employees
    • Apply the principles of fostering a motivational environment to your own organization.
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    Event Planning & Management

    Event Planning Training Successful event planning starts with possessing good communication skills, being highly organized, and having the ability to follow up with vendors until completion. Preparation before, during, and after is crucial in helping reach your desired objectives. With our Event Planning training, participants will learn how to anticipate and solve common planning issues for any small event such as informal gatherings, up to complex meetings. Effectively troubleshooting will help insure a happy and enjoyable event. Training Objectives:

    • Understand the different types of events
    • Understand the planning process
    • Know how to organize your event
    • Understand how to manage and organize your staff effectively
    • Know how to tie up loose ends after the event
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    High Performance Team/Inside The Company

    High Performance Teams (Inside The Company High Performance Teams (Inside The Company) are organizations, teams or groups working inside an office environment that are focused on achieving the same goals. With our High Performance Teams (Inside The Company), participants will begin to see how important it is to develop a core set of high performance skills while working in an office locale. By knowing and managing the way people interact in an office setting, you will be positioning your high performance teams for great success! Training Objectives:

    • Understand the benefits of high performance teams
    • Address challenges
    • Conduct effective meetings
    • Be able to see the big picture
    • Work collaboratively
    • Adequately praise team members
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    In Person Sales

    In-Person Sales With our “In-Person Sales” training, Participants will discover the specifics of what it means to become an effective salesperson, and steps to success.  They will learn how to connect with customers and move them through the sales process. In the age of online shopping and technology, in-person sales can easily be ignored. Do not overlook, however, the importance of personal contact. You never know when or where you will meet your next customer, and it is important to make a good impression. Everyone who is interested in sales must be confident in the art of in-person sales. Training Objectives:

    • Understand in-person sales
    • Explain the sales funnel
    • Explore sales techniques
    • Develop loyalty
    • Identify ways to build customer base
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    Internet Marketing Fundamentals

    Internet Marketing Fundamentals Internet Marketing Fundamentals will provide participants with a great set of skills to market your business online. Content is the king of Internet marketing, and your participants will need to know how to utilize your great content. If you want your business to grow then your participants need to understand Internet Marketing Fundamentals. Marketing has changed dramatically over the last decade. Marketing is all about communicating, and the Internet has completely changed the way people communicate. The Internet is a marketer’s dream come true, especially with Social Media, as you have a low cost marketing tool that can reach a large audience. Training Objectives:

    • Know how to conduct market research
    • Develop a workable internet marketing campaign
    • Recognize your target market
    • Understand your brand
    • Grasp SEO and website characteristics
    • Find and capture leads
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    Marketing Basics

    Marketing Basics  Marketing Basics will provide the basic knowledge to your participants, and give them the ability to build and grow your business. Marketing has changed a lot recently and having a new perspective will give your participants the needed information to assist them in their marketing decisions. No matter what your product or service is, your business will benefit with a better understanding of marketing. Marketing is an essential element for every business. It can be that one missing piece of the puzzle, and when it fits the big picture is revealed. Participants will be given an introduction to marketing and its benefits. If you are not marketing your business you will not grow, and if you do not grow you will not succeed. Training Objectives:

    • Define your market.
    • Know the different types of marketing and ways to use them.
    • Learn effective ways of communicating with the customer.
    • Know how to set marketing goals and strategies.
    • Recognize common marketing mistakes and know how to avoid them.
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    Media & Public Relations

    Media And Public Relations Media and Public Relations is the most successful method of communicating your value to those around you. Furthermore, good networking skills enable you to tap into those relationships you already have and increase the scope of your network. The larger the scope the more people knows you and offers you opportunities. In this course, Participants will get knowledge they need to manage effectively their image and value by forming solid networks through strategic communication planning. Effective networking is essential for day-to-day business or for those times when you are actively pursuing job opportunities. This training is designed to provide practical and hands-on tools that will give participants a skillset in dealing with the media and the public. Training Objectives:

    • Network for success
    • Manage “Meet and Great” opportunities
    • Dress for success
    • Write effectively
    • Set goals
    • Manage media relations
    • Plan issue and crisis communication
    • Use social media
    • Deliver effective employee communication
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    Multi Level Marketing

    Multi-Level Marketing Workshop Multi-level marketing, also known as MLM, is a business marketing strategy that many companies use in order to encourage current agents to perform while at the same time growing the team by recruiting and training new agents.  This tactic of marketing helps boost the company’s sales force not only from the sales of the primary agent, but also from the sales and profits of the agents they have recruited. With our “Multi-Level Marketing” training, Participants will discover the specifics of how multi-level marketing works and how to effectively source agents. For many companies, it can prove to be a valuable tool for not only building revenue, but also for building their marketing and networking circles. Training Objectives:

    • Know how multi-level marketing works
    • Build contacts
    • Recruit new agents
    • Be familiar with social media and marketing
    • Provide training for recruits
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    Presentation Skills

    Presentation Skills Many studies have found that public speaking is the number one fear amongst most people, outranking flying, snakes, insects, and even death. Ironically, it is also one of the skills that can make or break a person’s career. Participants will be provided a strong set of skills that will complement their current presentation skill set. The Presentation Skills training will give participants some presentation skills that will make speaking in public less terrifying and more enjoyable. This course includes topics that participants can look forward to including: creating a compelling program, using various types of visual aids, and engaging the audience. Training Objectives:

    • Perform a needs analysis and prepare an outline
    • Select presentation delivery methods
    • Practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    • Knock down nervousness
    • Develop and use flip charts with color
    • Create targeted PowerPoint presentations
    • Utilize white boarding for reinforcement
    • Describe how video and audio enhance a presentation and list criteria for determining what types to use
    • Enrich the learning experience with humor, questions, and discussion.
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    Proposal Writing

    Proposal Writing  Training A good proposal doesn’t just outline what product or service you would like to create or deliver. It does so in such a way that the reader feels it is the only logical choice. Your participants will explore the proposal writing process including the most common types of proposals. The Proposal Writing training will take participants through each step of the proposal writing process, from understanding why they are writing a proposal; to gathering information; to writing and proofreading; through to creating the final, professional product. Training Objectives:

    • Identify the purpose of a proposal
    • Identify different types of proposals
    • Identify and perform the steps in the proposal writing process
    • Perform a needs analysis and write a goal statement
    • Prepare a proposal outline
    • Improve their writing skills with a variety of techniques
    • Use appropriate resources and ghosting to build a strong case
    • Add illustrations to their proposal
    • Proofread and edit their proposal
    • Add the finishing touches to create a professional-looking final product
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    Prospect & Lead Generation

    Prospecting and Lead Generation Workshop Prospecting and lead generation is the method of making links which may lead to a sale or other promising result. The leads may come from various sources or undertakings, for example, via the Internet, through personal referrals, through telephone calls either by telemarketers, through advertisements, events, and purchase of lists of potential clients. These and other events can become more easily managed with this great workshop. With our Prospecting and Lead Generation training, participants will begin to see how important it is to develop a core set of sales skills. By managing and looking at the way people interact and seeing things in a new light, participants will improve on almost every aspect of their sales strategy.   Training Objectives:

    • Identify prospects
    • Implement both traditional and new marketing methods
    • Use the pipeline effectively
    • Educate customers
    • Track activity and make adjustments as needed
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    Sales Coaching Specifics

    Coaching Sales People Coaching is not just for athletes. More and more organizations are choosing to include coaching as part of their instruction. Coaching salespeople, when done correctly, will not only increase sales, it will have a positive impact on the community and culture of a company. The benefits of coaching salespeople are numerous and worth exploring With our “Coaching Salespeople” training, participants will discover the specifics of how to develop coaching skills. Workshop Objectives:

    • Understand coaching
    • Identify the difference between coaching and training
    • Monitor data
    • Practice coaching activities
    • Affect company culture
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    Sales Fundamentals

    Sales Fundamentals Workshop The Sales Fundamentals training will give participants a basic sales process, plus some basic sales tools, that they can use to seal the deal, no matter what the size of the sale. Participants will become more confident, handle objections, and learning how to be a great closer. Although the definition of a sale is simple enough, the process of turning someone into a buyer can be very complex. It requires you to convince someone with a potential interest that there is something for them in making their interest concrete – something that merits spending some of their hard-earned money. Training Objectives:

    • Understand the language of sales
    • Prepare for a sales opportunity
    • Begin the discussion on the right foot
    • Make an effective pitch
    • Handle objections
    • Seal the deal
    • Follow up on sales
    • Set sales goals
    • Manage sales data
    • Use a prospect board
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    Sales Objectives

     Sales Objections  Experiencing a sales objection can be a disheartening event. Through this course participants will learn how to eliminate the objection and push through to get that sale. Even the best quality services or items can be turned down, and learning how to overcome these denials will be of great benefit. Overcoming Sales Objections is an essential part of the sales process, as it will open up a whole new set of opportunities. It will produce new sales and provide an ongoing relationship with new clients. Objections will always occur no matter the item being sold or presented. Training Objectives:

    • Understand the factors that contribute to customer objections.
    • Define different objections.
    • Recognize different strategies to overcome objections.
    • Identify the real objections.
    • Find points of interest.
    • Learn how to deflate objections and close the sale.
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    Sales Secret

    Top 10 Sales Secrets No one is born a sales person.  No one has a special gift that makes customers buy products/services.  Everyone can however, learn how to sell successfully.  By learning to communicate with customers, build lead lists, and sell the company’s services with authority, anyone can be a successful sales person. With our “Sales Secrets” training, Participants will discover the specifics of how to develop the traits that will make them successful sales people and how to build positive, long lasting relationships with their customers!       Objectives:

    • Learn how to develop effective traits
    • Learn how to “know” your clients better.
    • Better represent the product/service
    • Cultivate effective leads
    • Sell with authority
    • Learn how to build trusting, long term relationships with customers
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    Servant Leadership

    Servant Leadership  Servant leadership can seem like a contradicting term, but it is becoming a very popular tool in many businesses. Servant leadership is a philosophy that involves focusing on others (i.e. your employees), and focus on their success, and in turn build better professional relationships that can benefit both manager and employee.  Servant leadership shows that managers can be great leaders while boosting their employee’s confidence and further their success at the same time. With our “Servant Leadership” Course, Participants will discover the specifics of how servant leadership works and how it can benefit both leaders and employees! Course Objectives:

    • Define servant leadership
    • Know the characteristics of servant leadership
    • Recognize the barriers of servant leadership
    • Learn to be a mentor and a motivator
    • Practice self-reflection
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