How it works

1. Create Your E-Campus Africa Account

You can register your Ecampus Africa account by using your email address or through a social media account. It is completely free and gives you unlimited access to the Ecampus Africa Campus website.

Once you’ve registered your account, upload a picture, update your profile and make it public. Your Ecampus Africa profile lets you boast about your skills, experience, and Ecampus Africa Certification to anyone you want to share it with, including prospective employers, friends and family.

2. Find The Right Personal Development Course

Ecampus Africa has a number of courses available, all absolutely free once you choose a subscription package. We have a wide selection to choose from either from the Advanced or Fundamental Course categories.

3. Get Enrolled

Once you have found the course or Learning Path you want to study, all you have to do is click on the ‘Start Now’ button to enroll and get learning. All Ecampus Africa Courses are self-paced, so you can study whenever you want, wherever you want.