The knowledge of yesterday made your foundations for today, So whatever you want to see happen in the future will depend on what you are willing to learn.

Ecampus Africa was created with an idea in mind that Education is an important piece of tomorrow’s Africa. We believe that knowledge is power and for that fact, whatever challenges humans face, knowledge is part of the solutions needed to defeat the obstacles. And for that reason, Ecampus Africa is a resource that is designed in the simplest language possible to allow people of all levels to attain knowledge with or without money.

Some of the courses offered here are from Universities and Colleges, additionally, we also have independent Educators that have designed courses focused on the present needs in the workplace or business world with an aim of addressing a specific need.

Ecampus is here to simplify and make Education easy and simple for all. A few years ago, it was about the degrees and diplomas one had to obtain in order to get a job, but present Africa has gone further than job seekers to job creators, with this in mind, what you know can create security for you.

Our goal is letting people use our platform to learn for free or at a low cost, why not study and just pay for the certificate later for some courses offered here OR Why not study at your convenience and be able to do a degree at step by step, taking a few subjects that you can afford versus the traditional way where you had to get in the university and study at other people’s pace despite the difference in income.

Download our App today and register in any course of your choice or use any device that has access to internet, its your choice to brighten your future and Ecampus Africa is here to help.